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I have a uipanel created in MATLAB figure which vertically lists the .txt files present in the current directory using checkboxes.
The problem is that when there are large number of files; more than which can be fitted in the panel, the panel isn't able to show them.
Is there a way to attach a scrollbar with the uipanel to scroll through all the files?
Picture is also attached.

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Adam on 4 Sep 2018
Edited: Adam on 4 Sep 2018
You can't do it with a simple Matlab component, but you can use 3rd party scrollable panels or write your own if you really want.
I wrote my own from components, but there is now one in the excellent GUI Layout toolbox which I use regularly for building apps and made use of components from in building my own scrolling panel (I think it either didn't exist in that toolbox or there was something I didn't like about it when I wrote my own, but the toolbox is high quality so their scrolling panel shouldn't cause you any problems).
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Haider Ali
Haider Ali on 5 Sep 2018
Thanks Adam! Seems like a great contribution.

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