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How to use POI in Matlab 2018a+

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Thomas Pfau
Thomas Pfau on 9 Oct 2018
Commented: Thomas Pfau on 12 Nov 2018
The text analytics toolbox in Matlab 2018a ships a 3.15 version of apache POI (bundled as part of the tika-app.jar). Unfortunately, this version seems incomplete or at least it is impossible to create XSSFWorksheets with the version shipped with Matlab. The jar file indicates, that it is version 1.14 of the tika-app.jar, but it misses quite a bit of code compared with the tika-app.jar provided by the apache tika project.
We used to use POI to write xls/xlsx files on Linux systems due to the limitations of the xlswrite function (mainly using the great xlwrite FileExchange contribution). However, since Matlab now ships its own POI version, this is no longer possible, as any additional POI version added to the path will not be recognized, and the shipped version is used. Is there any way (besides uninstalling the text analytics toolbox, or removing the tika-app.jar from the path), to get a working POI library in the current matlab versions?
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Thomas Pfau
Thomas Pfau on 12 Nov 2018
Wouldn't this be a perfect example for the use of the newly announced Bugfix and Security Updates feature?
Possibly along with an update to older geo access code that tries to access a http service which is shut down in favor of an https service.

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