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Following is the error in my program while calculating ROC

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Balaji M. Sontakke
Balaji M. Sontakke on 12 Oct 2018
Edited: Walter Roberson on 27 Oct 2018
I have attached my program files
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in ROC (line 16)
selfVerification(i) = sum(dataVerify(initial:initial+9,i)); %9
Error in maintotaldemo (line 105)
[FAR,FRR] = ROC(AVM,minThreshold,maxThreshold);


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Balaji M. Sontakke
Balaji M. Sontakke on 15 Oct 2018
I want to calculate FAR, FRR and its Plot using min threshold and max threshold. I have the total of 10 classes [1,2,3,4,5......10] One class having 12 samples from which 8 samples for training, like (10 * 8 = 80 samples for training). Remaining 4 samples for testing, like that(10 * 4=40 samples for testing.
Now, I need to find threshold values, which will assist me in identifying Threshold, FAR, FRR, by using Matlab.
Balaji M. Sontakke
Balaji M. Sontakke on 16 Oct 2018
Dear KSSV, what is wrong with my program, is not possible to implement such concept

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