Animation of plot elements “falling” down to produce a new plot (distribution/histogram)

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z8080 on 18 Oct 2018
Commented: z8080 on 18 Oct 2018
I have line plots showing estimated pitch values of a sound recording across time:
For my presentation, I'd like to suggest how, by simply reversing the x and y axes, these plots can be turned - for analysis purposes - into histograms that show how much time was spent by the sound at each pitch state (across bins of, say, 1-semitone width).
Thus, the above plot would be transformed visually by simply rotating it 90 degrees and letting the (now vertical) lines "fall" down to the x (Pitch) axis, one next to each other. I tried finding some toy example to make it more clear what I want to achieve, alas I could not find anything useful.
I can easily create these histograms, also in Matlab, but what I am unsure how to do is the animation of the vertical bars falling into alignment on the x axis. Ideal would be to find software that generates the intermediate steps for animation by perhaps doing a step-by-step interpolation between the initial plot above, and its reversed (histogram) version in which the bars already "fell"; and then exports either an animated GIF, or intermediate plots that I can then import into my presentation software (Powerpoint) to create the animation myself.
More realistically, I wonder if there is a way to use Matlab itself to create those intermediary steps between two given plots. I am happy to also try out any suggestions in Python, as long as they are provided in sufficient detail (complete beginner there!) Thanks for any help!
I should add my question also holds, more generally, for animating other plot elements too not just lines, e.g. starting from a scatter/dot plot and having the dots fall down into stacks/distributions.

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