How to fix remote Matlab display resolution when using ssh -X?

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I have a Desktop computer (Ubuntu 18.10) which I use for my heavy computations. When not at the office, I use my Macbook (Late 2012, retina display). I would like to run Matlab remotely from Desktop Ubuntu, onto my MacOSX using ssh -X. When I do so, Matlab opens using OpenGL rendering. I would like to know if there is a way to impose a rendering that fits my screen resolution (in my case Retina display resolution (2560-by-1600)?
BONUS question: if possible doing so without permanently changing the resolution in which Matlab is displayed on my Ubuntu computer (and for which I use the hardware rendering of my NVidia GPU and not OpenGL).

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Naman Chaturvedi
Naman Chaturvedi on 5 Nov 2018
You can try using Painters as a renderer only instead of OpenGL. Use -noopengl flag while opening MATLAB from the command line to do so.
LeChat on 18 Feb 2020
I just reallized I left this on the side because it did not work at the time, and it still does not, unfortunately.
Just ran:
ssh myname@IPdistantPC
and then once logged in:
matlab -noopengl &
But the rendering is still the one I have without the -noopengl flag.
Any insights?
(My laptop is a MacbookPro 13 running Catalina (sigh!) and my distant Desktop (the one I want to use Matlab from) is a Ubuntu 19.10 with a nvidia gpu and Matlab 2019b.)

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