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subplots in App Designer.

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Pappu Murthy
Pappu Murthy on 28 Oct 2018
Answered: Vineeth Nair on 31 Oct 2018
I am developing a GUI which has two Axes, UIAxes2, and UIAxes. UIAxes2 has single plot and it works fine. But UIAxes, should have 3x2 subplots and no matter what I do I can not get to populate UIAxes and instead the plots go on a separate figure. With Guide I was able to achieve this, by doing "axes(UIAxes)" and then do subplot(3,2,1) etc. But the same does not seem to work with App Designer as it gives error when I try "axes(UIAxes)". Please help. Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Vineeth Nair
Vineeth Nair on 31 Oct 2018
App designer supports most of the graphics but not all. Starting from MATLAB R2018b Subplots are supported. However, for implementation, additional code lines are required. You can read more about it here . However if you are using versions prior to R2018b then 'subplot' is not directly supported in App designer, as subplot creates axes and App designer uses UIaxes. However, there is a workaround mentioned here , you can try it out.

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