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Difference between Signal Processing Toolbox and DSP System Toolbox?

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What's the difference between Signal Processing Toolbox and DSP System Toolbox? Why is the DSP System Toolbox required for generating code of Signal Processing Toolbox functions using MATLAB Coder?
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Ruchit Pathak
Ruchit Pathak on 23 Jul 2012
can any one tell me how to remove R11 DSP blockset blocks from model in matlab 2011a ?

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Accepted Answer

Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 6 Jul 2012
Signal Processing Toolbox works in MATLAB and in general only deals with double precesion signals. On the other hand, DSP System Toolbox provides more sophisticated filter design capability, can work with single and fixed point signals, and has a Simulink interface too.

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Paul Pacheco
Paul Pacheco on 6 Jul 2012
I would add that the algorithms in the DSP System Toolbox are better suited for modeling and simulating systems that process streaming data and deployment, i.e., generating code.

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