LaTeX interpreter but sans-serif font on figures

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LeChat on 13 Nov 2018
Commented: LeChat on 18 Aug 2022
On LaTeX I often use the
font when I want to have a clean, sans-serif font both in the text and in the mathematical formula I write.
In order to have an homogeneous result between my figures and the text, I would like the text in my figures (labels, axis ticks, title, annotations...) to be as well in this font.
Unfortunately so far on Matlab, when using the LaTeX interpreter, only the default font is available. I would like to be able to write both text and mathematical formulas in a sans-serif font (and the same for both text and math) on the figures I plot.
Is it possible?
I am on Mac OS 10.14.1 (Matlab 2018a) and also on Ubuntu 18.10 (Matlab 2018b).
Thank you for your help!

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Prakhar Jain
Prakhar Jain on 16 Nov 2018
Hi LeChat,
In order to change font for any text object you just need to set the 'Interpreter' property to 'latex'. As shown below:
xlabel('$$\int_0^x\!\int_y dF(u,v)$$','Interpreter','latex');
If you want to have tick labels also follow link below:
Also, there are files available for the same. This is one of them.
Hope this helps.
LeChat on 18 Aug 2022
Hey Marshall, so since your last message, what have you been using (languagewise) instead of Matlab? They recently changed the my to remove outlayer data in the cftool fitting tool (R2022a) so I am thinking of switching to something else too if this does not get corrected in the coming Matlab versions.
In any case I usually "polish" the cosmetic of my graphs in Inkscape so this my workaround regarding LaTeX font issue... as you say, not the best, but so far it does it :) Cheers!

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