Sound Source detection with DOA Estimation, Using audio BIN files of real time drone flying activity

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Hello Researchers!
I am working on project named Drone detection and Direction of arrival estimation.
I have recorded sound of drone fly in real noisy environment using four microphone. First i need to suppress noise from these data bases of bin files to get only drone sound. Secondly, main task is to drive Direction of arrival of drone using its acoustic sound signature. I need help to complete this project with best efficient method.
I have made four channels of drone sounds recorded different days and places. Kindly guide me by which process i can remove noise from these auido bin files (i.e, MUSIC, Noise Coverience matrix, Windowing method or else) and which method is suitable to detect drone only (i.e, Linear Predictive coding, ZCR, Cross Correlation, Eigen vector decomposition etc). I need help to derive DOA using GCC method (i.e GCC-PHAT or GCC ML).

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 16 Nov 2018
There is an example using GCC-PHAT algorithm in Phased Array System Toolbox, you can find it at
The example itself is for localization but in between it uses GCC-PHAT to estimate the DOA.
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Amjad Iqbal
Amjad Iqbal on 18 Nov 2018
Thanks for reply and suitable suggestion, I have worked on it but facing alot of problems with real time data. I have attached matlab files above, i need help to make correction in these codes using GCC Phat tools. Kindly guide me in this regard i am not expert in coding.
Thanks Sir.

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