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Error in extract_db (line 47) file_a = extractAft​er(char(fi​le_a), 0, strfind(char(file_a), '_')-2);

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'101_1.tif' '101_2.tif' '101_3.tif' '101_4.tif' '101_5.tif' '101_6.tif' '101_7.tif' '101_8.tif' '102_1.tif' '102_2.tif' '102_3.tif' '102_4.tif' '102_5.tif' '102_6.tif' '102_7.tif' '102_8.tif' '103_1.tif' '103_2.tif' '103_3.tif' '103_4.tif' '103_5.tif' '103_6.tif' '103_7.tif' '103_8.tif' '104_1.tif' '104_2.tif' '104_3.tif' '104_4.tif' '104_5.tif' '104_6.tif' '104_7.tif' '104_8.tif' '105_1.tif' '105_2.tif' '105_3.tif' '105_4.tif' '105_5.tif' '105_6.tif' '105_7.tif' '105_8.tif' '106_1.tif' '106_2.tif' '106_3.tif' '106_4.tif' '106_5.tif' '106_6.tif' '106_7.tif' '106_8.tif' '107_1.tif' '107_2.tif' '107_3.tif' '107_4.tif' '107_5.tif' '107_6.tif' '107_7.tif' '107_8.tif' '108_1.tif' '108_2.tif' '108_3.tif' '108_4.tif' '108_5.tif' '108_6.tif' '108_7.tif' '108_8.tif' '109_1.tif' '109_2.tif' '109_3.tif' '109_4.tif' '109_5.tif' '109_6.tif' '109_7.tif' '109_8.tif' '110_1.tif' '110_2.tif' '110_3.tif' '110_4.tif' '110_5.tif' '110_6.tif' '110_7.tif' '110_8.tif'
I have the Img names "101_1",
and I want to extract the substring
included between the underscore '_'.
Here I used,
file_a = extractAfter(char(file_a), 0, strfind(char(file_a), '_')-2);
but it produces error,
I want as output 102_1 and so on.
How can I do this? thanks


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Nov 2018
You do not indicate what the error is .I suspect you are using r2016a or earlier before extractAfter existed


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Nov 2018
file_a = regexprep(file_a, '\..*$', '');
This will work whether file_a is a cell array of character vectors or a single character vector -- in other words it can be applied to the complete list of filenames all at the same time.

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