translation matrix in OXY plane

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ha ha
ha ha on 30 Nov 2018
Edited: ha ha on 30 Nov 2018
Let's say: I have matrix A=[x y z] with ~3.000 point data . Please see attachment file, and figure:
My question is: how can I translate all points with distance 1 in the black arrow direction (// with the long edge of the points), as illustrate figure?

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 30 Nov 2018
Edited: KSSV on 30 Nov 2018
You need to add that value to the coordinates. If you want to move along x-axes add 1 unit to x coordinates.
data = importdata('A.txt') ;
x = data(:,1) ;
y = data(:,2) ;
z = data(:,3) ;
hold on
%% Translate along x axis by unit 1
dx = 1. ;
x = x+dx ;
ha ha
ha ha on 30 Nov 2018
Thanks @ KSSV .
You are correct.

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