No devices were detected for the 'gige' adaptor

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Hello everyone,
I'm implementing a function to capture simultaneous images using a Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet Interface NI PCIe-8233 and 3 cameras Basler ace ac1280-60gc for a system of recognizing faults in objects, but for some reason when I try to see the information from the cameras using the 'gige' adaptor, I don't recognize the cameras (shown in Image1)
I have reviewed the GigE Vision configuration guide and I have noticed that for the Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter Configuration the following appears in the device manager (shown in Image2 and Image3) .
Using the gigecamlist the cameras are detected (shown in Image4), as with the winvideo adaptor (shown in Image5 and Image6).
I would like someone to tell me what I'm doing wrong for the gige adaptor to work properly.
Best Regards.

Accepted Answer

Andrei on 14 Feb 2019
It looks like one thing that is not as recommended is that you have the customer Basler GigE Vision drivers installed for your Ethernet adapters. You can revert to the original Ethernet adapter vendor drivers or update the driver from the network adapter properties in Windows Device Manager.
文 沈
文 沈 on 30 Apr 2022

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Kylin Green
Kylin Green on 1 Mar 2024

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