Is there an Optimization Tool that returns a function?

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So this is my problem:
I want to maximize the final mass of an ascending rocket into an orbit by controlling the trajectory over a thrust vector control variable a(t). So I need an Optimization Toolbox that returns me the optimal function a(t), but the objective function I want to minimize is m(t). And I couldn't find anything about this anywhere. I tried for example fmincon, but fmincon only returns a scalar.
Do you have any ideas?

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Stephan on 15 Dec 2018
Edited: Stephan on 15 Dec 2018
yes, there is functionalDerivative which is useful in this case. See the examples in the documentation. There is a tutorial for this function also, where you can learn how it works.
Best regards
Brendan Görres
Brendan Görres on 15 Dec 2018
I did, but anyways thank you a lot, I got some new ideas and I am going to try them out.
Best Regards

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