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How did steve Miller Tune several PI controllers in his full HEV Model?

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Sajad  A.Anbaran
Sajad A.Anbaran on 23 Dec 2018
Commented: Sajad A.Anbaran on 23 Oct 2019
I would, deparately and enthusiastically,like to learn how Mr.Miller tuned PIs in his HEV model?
I am working on the similar system and have been having problem with PIs for several months now. I watched plenty of webinars on this subject and other videos relevent to this subject. There is also series of MATLAB-Raceing Lounge videos on this subject. However, almost none of them clearly explain how to Linearize and tune PI for Simscape model. Either the model is created in simulink or if it is Simscape model , the presenter says we know this Kp and Ki values from experiments.
In Mr.Miller's system, there are more than 70 state variables when you open trim window in Linear Analysis Tool. How did he compute the steady-state operating points for his system and Tuned PI controllers? I really can not do it and would like to learn about it. Moreover, I would like to know what is his workflow when dealing with this kind of systems.
Thank you and best regards,

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Sajad  A.Anbaran
Sajad A.Anbaran on 23 Oct 2019
I did it successfully.

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