Creating a function that returns multiple graphs

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Snoopy on 27 Dec 2018
Edited: TADA on 31 Dec 2018
I would like to create a function that returns as output arguments two different histograms such that in the script file either of the two graphs can be called. If I am not mistaken, I could do this for one histogram as follows:
function myplot(data,nbins)
How do I adjust the code for two histograms?
Snoopy on 27 Dec 2018
I edited my question. I would like that the function returns what the histogram function returns. I even want to add a title, legend, etc. to each histogram.

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Answers (1)

TADA on 27 Dec 2018
function [h1,h2] = myplot(data, nbins)
h1 = histogram(data,nbins);
h2 = histogram(data,nbins);
% Or:
function h = myplot(data, nbins)
h(1) = histogram(data,nbins );
h(2) = histogram(data,nbins);
You Will Have To Decide How You Want To Send The Data To This Function. If In Matrices Or Cell Arrays Or Multiple Arguments (worst Option Probably), but This Above Is The General Idea.
The Second Option Is Somewhat More Versatile As You Can End Data An Array And Run In A Loop Generating As Many Histograms As You Need And Return All Of Them In A Vector Of Histogram Handles.
TADA on 31 Dec 2018
Edited: TADA on 31 Dec 2018
I only see two options here, but they have different arguments
Histogram 1 only takes in 2 arguments (data_sim, nbins)
while Histogram 2 takes 4 arguments (data_sim, nbins, t, ylim)
If your third option has a different number of arguments you can use number of arguments to activate the different options of the function instead of the switch block:
h1 = doesItAll(rand(1,100), 10);
h2 = doesItAll(rand(1,100), 10, 0.5, 10);
function h = doesItAll(data_sim, nbins, t, ylim)
plotType = '';
if nargin >= 2
h(1) = histogram(data_sim,nbins,'FaceColor','white','EdgeAlpha',0.15);
plotType = 'a';
xAxeLbl = 'a';
yAxeLbl = 'a';
plotLegends = {'a'};
if nargin >= 4
h(2) = line([t t],[0 ylim],'Color','blue') ;
plotType = 'b';
xAxeLbl = 'b';
yAxeLbl = 'b';
plotLegends = {'b' 'b'};
title(['Fig: ' plotType]);
by the way, I changed the call to line function because there was an error or I sent the wrong value in ylim

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