zero phase filter in simulink

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John Mark Odongo
John Mark Odongo on 24 Jan 2019
Answered: Rafael Cordero on 17 Jun 2020
I am trying to run a zero phase low pass filter in Simulink in MATLAB however I can't find a zero phase filter block. The function filtfilt() works however when i use a self defined function block in Simulink with the same code that works in MATLAB it doesn't seem to work in Simulink. I have attached an image of the Simulink model and the code itself.2019-01-24 09_28_13-lowpass_test _ use.png
function y = test_lp(u)
Wn = 0.01*5;
[b,a] = butter( 3, Wn, 'low');
y= filtfilt(b,a,u(:,2));

Answers (2)

Sameer Gadekar
Sameer Gadekar on 11 Apr 2019
Any filter will introduce and has to introduce delay in the output else filter will become instable it wll become non causal.

Rafael Cordero
Rafael Cordero on 17 Jun 2020
Im having the same problem. Did you ever figure out how to fix this?

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