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Inputdlg on R2017b gets cut when too large a prompt is entered

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I have encounterd a bug in inputdlg, and I am asking for some advice as a way to solve it, or find an easy workaround.
In attempt to allow the user to enter 16 points for a bezier patch, I am calling inputdlg in such a manner:
Prompt={'[1,1]','[1,2]','[1,3]','[1,4]'; %indexing of control points [u,v] directions
Prompt{1}=sprintf(['Patch %g\nEnter control point vectors [x,y,z] indexed [u,v]\n\n',Prompt{1}],1);
DefPnts=round(rand(16,3)*10); %control points
DefPnts=cellstr(num2str(DefPnts)); %create prompt for inputdlg
Uinput=inputdlg(Prompt,'Bezier control points selection',1,DefPnts,'on');
The result I am getting is a cut/offset text. Please see the red mark in the picture below, indicating that the text box is overwriting the catagory text.
This happens on two different monitors (same monitor resolution though):
I believe the cause of this is the long prompt string, and I'd rather keep it long if possible.
Thanks in advance,

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