How to write selection function in genetic algorithm(Global Optimization Toolbox: ga)

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Hi guys.
I have some problem to use the genetic algorithm.
I want to use customized selection function, but I can only see error message: Index exceeds matrix dimensions
Here is my code below:
function parents=AGAselection(expectation, nParents, options)
% nParents= the number of parents
% A= sorted expectation
% B= expectation of nParents top parents
% GBparents= global best parents
%% Sorting accordance with fitness value
%% Select Global Best
%% Select Parents Randomly
parents=[GBparents RN(1:nParents-1)];
Please check my code and tell me what is the problem.
Thank you.

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 19 Feb 2019
I am not sure, but I am suspicious of the line
What makes you think that expectation==B(1,1) has just one element?
Alan Weiss
MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation
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Jungeon Kim
Jungeon Kim on 20 Feb 2019
The code is referred to the page above.
He said his problem is solved.
I don't know the structure of parents(I think the parents is vector that consists of cell.)
I want to extract just best parent.
Is there any problem in the line?

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