How can I handle visibility on/off for plot function?

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I am drawing circles over binary image using plot function. How can I keep the visibility off for the portion when the circle going through background and it will be on for image object portion ?

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Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung on 22 Feb 2019
For graphic objects, there is a 'Visible' Property that you can adjust.
If you have a handle for your line object, for example:
a = plot(1:5,1:5); % a is your handle to the line
set(a,'Visible','off'); %'off' or 'on'
a.Visible = 'off';
if you wish to do this beyond the scope of the original function, you can look for this line object by accessing the children of the axes.
g = gca; %gets the current axes
objs = g.Children %this will list all line objects in your g axes
%then from here you can index to the appropriate line object you want
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Zara Khan
Zara Khan on 23 Feb 2019
This will either off the entire line or on the entire. But I want to keep a portion of the line on and a portion off at the same time. when the line will get image object it will be on and when it will get backgroung then it will be off.

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