Dividing a linear array into 16 or 32 equal parts is not working?

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N{k,j} = length(A{k,j});
partnum = floor(1+(0:N{k,j}-1)/N{k,j}*ndivisions);
n1{k,j} = accumarray(partnum(:),A{k,j}(:)==1);
n= accumarray(partnum(:),1);
profile is a linear of consequtives 0 and 1's. When diving it to 16 or 32 equal parts then I am getting this error while stroing the f value to excel sheet. I am not getting all consistent matrices.
Error using cat
Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent.
Error in cell2mat (line 83)
m{n} = cat(1,c{:,n});
Error in a_a (line 77)
Zara Khan
Zara Khan on 4 Mar 2019
How can I implement this code? here for each image I am getting 8 different profile which are varying in length and all are one dimensional array of consequtives o's and 1's. I am repeating thsi process over 1000 images. when diving each profile into 32 equal parts then I am not getting consistent matrices.

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