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Why would openfig only show one of the .fig files (Axes)?

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I have written a MATLAB GUI to draw fluorescence spectrums (attached as "Konzentrationspectrum.fig") and the curve depicting the changing spectrum's peak position with the variation of fluorescent dye concentration (attached as "Konzentration.fig").
Both figures are exported by hgsave(handles.axes1,TargetPath); and they are both 1x1 Axes. However, only one file ("Konzentration.fig") will show after being double clicked in File Explorer or being opened by openfig command. The other ("Konzentrationspectrum.fig") will only show using following command:
x=openfig('Konzentrationspectrum.fig'); f=figure;copyobj(x,f);
The figure that get imported this way also misses xlabel, ylabel and legend. So it is really annoying to run xlabel, ylabel and legend command every time I open the spectrum figure.
What are the difference between those? And can I change the way the figures are exported from GUI to make the "Kozentrationspectrum" also openable by double-clicking or openfig command?
Adam on 11 Mar 2019
What is wrong with using
doc saveas
doc savefig
to actually save the whole figure rather than attempting to seemingly save just an axes?
Hao Cheng
Hao Cheng on 11 Mar 2019
Because the figure is from a GUI. Using savefig will save the whole buttons and control units.

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