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Large Audio Datastore: MATLAB Workspace

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Nycholas Maia
Nycholas Maia on 21 Mar 2019
Hi, I have 36 large audio files encoded as Wav: 48kHz / 24 bits.
Each file have approximately 3.6 hours of recording time (or 2Gb size).
Inside each file, I recorded 1000 times the same single musical note played at a acoustic piano, like:
Note - Silence - Note - Silence - Note - Silence.
Now I want to apply some statistic in this audio data store, comparing the signal of each note, but I need sugestions how to prepare the MATLAB workspace well.
1- How to select/import the signal of the "desired note" located inside the 36 large audio files.
2- Is a better solution split each large audio file into small audio files (single note)?
3- I have 32GB of RAM. Could be a solution this?
How can I proced?
Thank you,


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