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Construction of block diagram with multiple summing junction and disturbance for simulation with lsim

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Please consider that I want to know how to simulate the system using the lsim command, and not in Simulink
The block diagram without the disturbance can be realized by something like
F1 = tf(Kp,1);
F2 = tf([Kd,1], 1);
F3 = tf(1, [1, 1, 0]);
F1.u = 'u1';
F2.u = 'y';
F3.u = 'u3';
F1.y = 'y1';
F2.y = 'y2';
F3.y = 'y';
S1 = sumblk('u1 = r - y');
S2 = sumblk('s = y1 - y2');
S3 = sumblk('u3 = s - d');
T = connect(F1,F2,F3,S1, S2, S3, 'r', 'y');
but how do I include the disturbance 'd' ?

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