Finding arrays above threshold value

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I have a struct AT.AX
AX has the following values:
1x370 double
1x1007 double
1x3957 double
1x6309 double
1x1648 double
1x2032 double
1x1173 double
1x16837 double
1x15977 double
1x267 double
Is there a way to find all the elements with length greater than 2000 and assign them to a new variable?
Stephen23 on 16 Apr 2019
"I have a struct AT.AX"
"Is there a way to find all the cells ..."
Structure arrays do not have cells (but they do have elements).
Please clarify if you have a structure array or a cell array.
Manny Kins
Manny Kins on 17 Apr 2019
Hi, I used the word cell quite carelessly, I had a structure array with elements. I have edited my question so it becomes a bit clearer to anyone else reading. Thanks again for your help.

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 16 Apr 2019
Fake data:
AT(1).AX = rand(1,370);
AT(2).AX = rand(1,1007);
AT(3).AX = rand(1,3957);
AT(4).AX = rand(1,6309);
AT(5).AX = rand(1,1648);
AT(6).AX = rand(1,2032);
AT(7).AX = rand(1,1173);
AT(8).AX = rand(1,16837);
AT(9).AX = rand(1,15977);
AT(10).AX = rand(1,267);
And then simply:
L = cellfun('length',{AT.AX});
Z = AT(L>2000)
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Manny Kins
Manny Kins on 16 Apr 2019
Thank you for your help, KSSV also came up with a similar solution but this one is more directly applicable to my setup.

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More Answers (1)

KSSV on 16 Apr 2019
% Make some random data for demo
A = cell(10,1) ;
for i = 1:10
N = randperm(1000,1) ;
A{i} = rand(N,1) ;
% Pick cells whose length greater than 500
L = cellfun(@length,A) ;
B = A(L>500)


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