How to randomly divide an M by M region into n sub regions

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I what to randomly divide a sqaure region (20 by 20) into 3 portions (not necessary square in shape).
Then randomly deploy points in the 3 regions.
I tried the code below but not getting what i want. I need random divisions (different shapes e.g one portion can be a trapezoid and so on)
for i=1:1:m;
b(i)=(0.25 +(0.25).*rand).*m;
c(i)=(0.5 +(0.25).*rand).*m;
plot (n, '+r')
hold on
plot (b, 'ok')
hold on
plot (c, 'vg')
hold off
Please help
The above code gives divisions along horizontal lines
figure 1.
I need something like the above figure 1.

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Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Apr 2019
Edited: Image Analyst on 20 Apr 2019
Try voronoi() if you want random points, or superpixels() if you have an image and want some sort of decision-based boundaries.


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