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I want to plot a graph as shown below, For that non linear system, i have written a Matlab script but i can't really identify how do i plot such graph.

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Yash Runwal
Yash Runwal on 23 Apr 2019
Answered: Naman Bhaia on 2 May 2019
%% WaterTank MATLAB Script
syms h(t)
Dh = diff(h);
A = 20; a = 2; b = 5; U = 0:0.1:1.0; V = 1;
watertank = 1*diff(h,t) - (1/A)*b.*V - (1/A)*a*sqrt(h) == 0;
soln = dsolve(watertank, h(0) == 0, Dh(0) == 0);
figure(1), clf
figure(2), clf
Zulauf means Inlet (denoted in the script as 'U')
Fullstand means Height of the tank (denoted in the script as 'h')


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Accepted Answer

Naman Bhaia
Naman Bhaia on 2 May 2019
Hello Yash,
If issue you are facing is in plotting the graphs in one figure, you can use the hold command while plotting.
And, to add a title to the graph and label the axes, you can visit this documentation page and see if it helps.


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