Label Positions Shifting When App Runs

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I am designing an App in App Designer and am gettings some strange behavior with Components shifting themselves so they appear different than they do in Design View when the app is running.
As an example, I have a set of tabs in my app and a text label is located in the same position on each tab. When the user cycles between tabs, these labels should appear in the same position but with different text. This looks correct when viewing the app in the Design window.
When the application is run however, one of the labels physically shifts to a new position vertically and appears closer to the tab group than it does in the design window.
What is even stranger is if I debug the app and probe the positions, the position of the labels really is shifted but the ones appearing in the "wrong" location retain their original set values from the Design window. For example:
app.Lablel1.Position = [100 100 100 100]
app.Label2.Position = [100 100 100 100]
RUNNING Mode (debug):
app.Lablel1.Position = [100 120 100 100]
app.Label2.Position = [100 100 100 100]
Clearly, this shows that Label 1 has shifted by 20 units from its specified location in the App Designer but it appears to be in the correct position when running whereas the Label 2 retains its specified value but appears to be in the wrong location (actually is visually shifted).
I have Autoresize on by default for all components so I don't think this is what is causing the problem.
Can anyone replicate this or has noticed this behavior?
Karun Mathiazhagan
Karun Mathiazhagan on 26 May 2019
Edited: Karun Mathiazhagan on 26 May 2019
Hello Christopher,
As and when you are able to reduce the issue, please feel free to write to us at and the support team should be able to help you narrow down the issue further.

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