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Heat map visualizing touch pressure on smartphone in x-y space

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Hello everybody
I have a dataset where each sample consists of x- and y-position, timestamp and a pressure value of touch input on a smartphone. I have uploaded the dataset here (OneDrive): data.csv
Now, I would like to create a heat map visualizing the pressure distribution in the x-y space. I envision a heat map which looks like the left or right image heredt8ox.png
For the heat map of pressure values the problem is that there are 3 dimensions, namely the x- and y-position and the pressure.
I'm happy about every input regarding the creation of the heat map.
Sepp on 30 May 2019
I did but it is not clear to me how to solve my problem. Any code examples providing me some help? Thank you a lot.

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Accepted Answer

darova on 31 May 2019
I did my best, please like it

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