calculating minimum distance in a circular manner

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Hello, Pls some one should help.
I want to find a minimum distance between set of points.
suppose there are 3 points, p1(xi,y1), p2(x2,y2) and p3(x3,y3).
I want to find the following distances and select the least among them:
distance1= distance from p1 to p2 + distance from p2 to p3
distance2=distance from p2 to p3 + distance from p3 to p1
distance3=distance from p3 to p1 + distance from p1 to p2
wanted_distance=min(distance1,distance2, distance3).
I used the ffg code but im getting an error msg
for i=1:1:3
d(i)=sqrt( (x(i) - x(i+1) ).^2 + (y(i) - y(i+1) ).^2 )
As expected, I got an error msg. I guess using two (2) for loops will accomplish the task, but couldnt figure-out the appropraite syntax.
Pls, Assist

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Raghunandan V
Raghunandan V on 7 Jun 2019
Edited: Raghunandan V on 7 Jun 2019
Here is a solution
X = [1 2 3];
Y = [2 3 4];
dist = zeros(length(Y),1);
for a = 1: length(Y)
%eucliedian distance
dist(a) = sqrt((X(1) - X(2))^2 + (Y(1) - Y(2))^2) + sqrt((X(2) - X(3))^2 + (Y(2) - Y(3))^2);
% left shift by 1
X = circshift(X ,[1 -1])
Y = circshift(Y ,[1 -1])
result = min(dist);
Corrected version

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