Randomly assign a value to each column of a matrix

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I can't figure out why this code doesn't work. I would like to have one true value in each row that is randomly assigned to a column like so
[1 0 0;
0 1 0;
1 0 1;
0 0 1]
mt = 5;
npart = 3;
seqS = false(mt, npart);
t = randi([1, 3], mt, 1);
seqS(:, t) = true; %should work, why not?
Thanks in advance,

Accepted Answer

dpb on 18 Jun 2019
Not way subscript expansion works as written...use
seqS(sub2ind(size(seqS),[1:mt].',t)) = true;
dpb on 18 Jun 2019
Edited: dpb on 18 Jun 2019
No problem, glad to help...it's one of those syntax things that superficially does look like should work as you expected but doesn't.
If would, go ahead and Accept answer if for no other reason to indicate to others there is a solution to the question. (And, while I never started this with the intent of garnering points, as of this instant, you'd be the one to hit the 10K mark... :) )

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