Vectorized function as output of matlabFunction

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I am trying to automatize a process in which I have a symbolic function that has to be converted in an anonymous function. Basically, I have something like this:
syms x y z t
var = [x y z t];
f = x.^2+y;
gf = gradient(f, var);
gf_fun = matlabFunction(gf, 'vars', {var});
having as output
gf_fun =
function_handle with value:
Now, I'd like to evaluate gf_fun in several var points at a time, but, of course, I got strange results, due to how gf_fun is written. For example, if I want to evaluate gf_fun in 6 (different) points simultaneously, what I get is
vv = ones(6,4);
ans =
instead of a matrix with dimensions 4x6, with each colomn being the evaluation of a single point.
I know that a workaround will be the use of a for loop, meaning that
results = zeros(4,6);
for i = 1:6
results(:,i) = gf_fun(vv(i,:));
but I have to avoid it due to code performances reasons.
Is there a way to automatize all the process, having a matrix as output of gf_fun while evaluating different point at a time?
Thank you for you help!

Accepted Answer

Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila on 18 Jul 2019
Hi CaG,
You can use the function “splitapply” . You can refer to the function at
I think you already noticed about the function "gf_fun", which
can provide different output based on the input dimension i.e., whether the input is row a vector or a column vector.
The following code provides the required output:
gff = @(x) gf_fun(x') %transpose the input
results = splitapply(gff,vv',1:6);

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