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Clusterring of 3D point cloud

Asked by Srinu Vasu on 11 Aug 2019
Latest activity Commented on by darova
on 12 Aug 2019
I am having 3D data to fit surface on. I need to partition data to use different degrees while surface fitting. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.


Image Analyst
on 11 Aug 2019
What do you mean by "surface fitting"? Do you mean like fitting a plane through all the points? Do you mean something like a Delaunay surface to contain all the points?
Surface fit what i mean is simply i want clear surface on this 3D point data.
When i'm using curve fitting app for surface for this 3D data the output i'm getting is not satisfactory( The person in the face should be identified). So i want to devide the 3D point cloud(e.g nose ,forehead,cheeks) to furhter use different degrees of surface to fit.
This data is not scanned data. It is reconstructed data from photogrammetry.
on 12 Aug 2019
I see the face

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