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Supercapacitor model in simulink

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Qian Xun
Qian Xun on 22 Aug 2019
Commented: Qian Xun on 21 Nov 2019
I am trying to build up a simulink with supercapacitor model from library, but I find one strange thing that when I put the initial voltage equals to rated voltage of supercapacitor, theoritically, the initial state of charge should be 100%, but when I run the simulation, I get the results that the output initial state of charge is 92% not 100%, I don't why I get this strange result. Could anyone help with this? Thank you very much!
Qian Xun
Qian Xun on 21 Nov 2019
Sorry for my late response. Please find the attached simulink file for supercapacitor model.
I found one strange thing that the SoC decreases from around 99.5% when I put the series number as 1, but the SoC decreases from around 93% when I put the series number as 18.
As you know, for Maxwell supercapacitor, they have 3000F/2.7V cells, and they also have 166F/48V pacakge. I think if you use 18 cells connected in series you can get 166F/48V package. So I am not sure which parameters for my case is correct? Do you have any ideas?Thank you very much!I am looking forward to youre reply.

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