MATLAB Coder: Undefined function or Variable, the first assignment to a local variable determines its class

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I am using MATLAB Coder to convert a simple FSK Modem to C Code. Following are my codes:
Modulator Function:
function modSignal = my4FSKmod(data)
M = 4;
freqSep = 200;
fskMod = comm.FSKModulator(M,freqSep,'BitInput',1);
modSignal = step(fskMod,data);
Demodulator Function:
function demodData = my4FSKdemod(receivedSignal)
M = 4;
freqSep = 200;
fskDemod = comm.FSKDemodulator(M,freqSep,'BitOutput',1);
demodData = zeros(100,1);
demodData = step(fskDemod,receivedSignal);
My Test Code:
data = randi([0 1],100,1);
mod_out = my4FSKmod(data);
demod_out = my4FSKdemod(mod_out);
I went through few MATLAB Answer links and introduced the intialization of the 'demodData', but I still get this issue. Am I missing anything? kindly advice
mounika on 20 Sep 2019
Thank you Walter for your respone. So is it okay if I create another function (as I have to convert it to c) where I initialise the modulator and demodulator and later use the for modulation and demodulation.
It will be greatly helpful, if you can provide an example on how to
Thanks in Advance

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