how to delete cell rows ?

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pruth on 14 Oct 2019
Answered: Shubham Gupta on 14 Oct 2019
i have created this cell file(attached).
if you open it you will see almost all doubles has same size (7*5). But there are some doubles which has row size more than 7(see double 36th, 58th etc )
i want to delete all those doubles which has size more greater 7 !
all doubles should be of same same size i.e. 7*5
how to use this if condition here ??
pardon my english !

Accepted Answer

Shubham Gupta
Shubham Gupta on 14 Oct 2019
One of the way to do:
cell_sizes = cellfun(@size,QDSCD,'UniformOutput',false);
cell_sizes = vertcat(cell_sizes{:});
ind = find(cell_sizes(:,1) == 7);
QDSCD_up = QDSCD(ind);
Let me know if you have doubts.

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