convert pattern image to sinusoidal wave

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Rajbir Singh
Rajbir Singh on 1 Nov 2019
Answered: Varun Meeniga on 27 Feb 2020
What algorithm should be applied on above image to get that sinusoidal wave corresponding to that image?

Answers (2)

darova on 1 Nov 2019
Convert image (rgb2gray) and sum rows
darova on 2 Nov 2019
Can you show what have you tried? And why it doesn't work?

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Varun Meeniga
Varun Meeniga on 27 Feb 2020
si(1,:)=image(1,:); %stores int8 value of pixel along the horizontal direction
si=double(si); %double for easy calculations
fin_si=(si-128)/128; % changes 0 to 255 values to -128 to 127 further to -1 to 1

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