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Find averages of Simulink model

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I ama trying to find the Average noise level (dB) and Average noise level (dB) in my SImulink model but I don;t see any setting's for averageing my spectrum. WHat Am I doing wrong?
Average tone level(dB): ______________ Average tone level(dB): ______________

Accepted Answer

Nishant Gupta
Nishant Gupta on 25 Nov 2019
You can try the following options:
Option 1: You can use the MER Measurement Block (refer following link for documentation) to measure the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
Option 2: You can use MATLAB Function Block and call 'snr' function from MATLAB, 'snr' function (refer following link for documentation) returns the signal-to-noise ratio as well as total noise power.
Then, SNR(dB) = Signal Power(dB) - NoisePower(dB)

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