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Trying to make a PUT request using webwrite - "Unsupported Media Type"??

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Hello everyone,
So I am working withe Yahoo Fantasy API, and can freely make API GET requests, using the following weboptions:
headerFields = {'Authorization', ['Bearer ', access_token]};
options = weboptions('HeaderFields', headerFields, 'ContentType','xmldom','Timeout',30);
reponse = webread(url,options);
However, now I am looking to make a PUT request, and now I am using webwrite:
headerFields = {'Authorization', ['Bearer ', access_token]};
options = weboptions('RequestMethod','post','HeaderFields', headerFields, 'ContentType','xmldom','Timeout',30);
reponse = webwrite(url,data,options);
Where data represents my formatted xml body.
I keep getting the following error
The server returned the status 415 with message
"Unsupported Media Type" in response to the request to URL;
I am new to this and really don't understand why I am getting this error. From the API documentation, it is saying the Content-Type should be application/xml, but I can't set that in MATLAB.
Anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this?

Answers (1)

Tim Williams
Tim Williams on 28 Jul 2022
Edited: Tim Williams on 28 Jul 2022
I recently experienced the 415 error when attempting to use webwrite. Internet search brought me to this post. I was able to overcome it thanks to documentation at In my case, the expected MediaType was "application/json". The documentation instructs you how to change MediaType as needed via the 'options'. After changing the MediaType, I was able to successfully write data to the REST API.

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