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Matrix 'if' statement

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Eva Carrillo
Eva Carrillo on 2 Dec 2019
Edited: KALYAN ACHARJYA on 2 Dec 2019
I just learned how to do matrices today, and am quite confused on this problem. So I have to create a 100 x 100 matrix. Every spot in the matrix takes on the value , where i represents the row and j represents the column location. I have a formula in which the value K is defined as the greater value of i and j. I need to create an if loop that compares the row and column position values and chooses the larger of the two, then defines that as the variable K.
I don't know what kind of syntax to use in terms of matrices. I know how to build an if staement, but am jsut simply confused on the kind of matlab syntax that needs to be followed.
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%create matrics
[r c]=size(matrix); % find row and col number, If not known already
for i=1:r
for j=1:c
if condition
You can do same without loop also. Being as beginer atleast you should learn how to use loop to do iteration on 1D or 2D array
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