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Verifying a prediction result

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In Matlab, I have this set of numbers I am reading in a image and a prediction function that determines the accuracy of the trained image set. For the last part, I need to verify the prediction accuracy by testing a random set of numbers. I don't know what code I need for this part. Any help would be appreciated.
(I couldn't load the data.mat file because it's too big. I have attached the rest of the files to hopefully help this make sense)

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Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta on 13 Dec 2019
Hi Nathan,
If you are dealing with huge datasets, then it is recommended to use some datastore function of MATLAB. May be the following links give you an idea where to start from.
Also Keep in mind, this datastore function can be used directly in other MATLAB function without much tweaks, So, if you want to predict from some networks, you can directly use this function.
I hope this helps.

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