How to make image background white?

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Zara Khan
Zara Khan on 24 Dec 2019
Commented: Zara Khan on 28 Dec 2019
I have a binary image. I want to make the background white keeping the black straight lines intact.I mean those lines which intersecting image objects will remain intact. Picture has attached.

Accepted Answer

Jeff E
Jeff E on 24 Dec 2019
I would start by closing in small gaps to get a solid hand.
imgin_close = imclose(imgin, strel('square', 3));
Then I would find the overlap between that solid hand, and the inverse of the original image, leaving me with just white lines on a black background. You may have some additional noise around the edges of the hand. The could be filtered out with something like bwareaopen, depending on your application.
imgin_lines = imgin_close & ~imgin;
imgin_lines = bwareaopen(imgin_lines, 3);
I would then take the inverse of that image to get just the black lines.
imgout = ~imgin_lines;
Zara Khan
Zara Khan on 28 Dec 2019
Image Analyst: Wonderful. Exactly this is what I was asking for.

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