Change style of MATLAB desktop elements in Ubuntu, like java swing lookandfeels?

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Tuan Pham
Tuan Pham on 31 Dec 2019
Is there a way to change the style of MATLAB desktop elements/toolstrip in Ubuntu/Linux OSes?
To be clear, I'm not referring to GUI elements and editing javax.swing.[LookAndFeels] options, nor the colors and fonts of the editor window. I want to be able to change how the elements of the toolstrips look, like the style (color, widths) of the scrolling bar, or making them flat, instead of bevel-like. What I'm asking is a bit similar to the javax.swing.[LookAndFeels] modifications, but on the start-up elements of MATLAB display itself.
I'm trying to make the look and feel more like how MATLAB in Windows appears. MATLAB appearance in Linux has certain (graphical) style that is not to my taste.
I tried putting a "java.opts" file in my startup folder and put the following line in there. But there was no change whatsoever.
I was wondering if there is a file analogous to a ".css" file for MATLAB desktop elements to modify them. Or a way to change the "LookAndFeel" like in java.

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