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Anonymous function to calculate a sum

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I have to write an anonymous function which calculates the following sum for a given real number x and a positive integer:
x + (x^2)/2! + (x^4)/4! + ... + (x^2n)/(2n)!
I started off with this:
ch = @(x,n) ...
But I don't know how I can calculate the sum with only the anonymous function.

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 9 Jan 2020
Edited: Stephen23 on 9 Jan 2020
>> fun = @(x,n) x + sum(x.^(2:2:2*n) ./ factorial(2:2:2*n));
>> fun(3,5)
ans = 12.066
Compare against your expansion:
>> x = 3;
>> fun(x,2)
ans = 10.875
>> x + (x^2)/factorial(2) + (x^4)/factorial(4)
ans = 10.875
Stephen23 on 9 Jan 2020
Ellen De Jonghe's "Answer" moved here:
Thanks a lot!
Stephen23 on 9 Jan 2020
@Ellen De Jonghe: my pleasure! Please don't forget to accept my answer if it helped you.

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