Multiplication of a matrix with 6x6 cell.

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M.Bilal on 1 Feb 2020
Commented: M.Bilal on 3 Feb 2020
Here, i want to multply matrix with 6x6 cell array, but the error occurs. How can i solve this?
S_m is 6x6 cell array
I2 is 1x6 matrix, I2=[1 1 1 0 0 0]
In order to multiply both, following code is used:
(error included)
S_dg = cellfun(@times,S_m,num2cell(I2),'uni',false); %to multiply matrix I2(1x6) with cell array 6x6
Error using cellfun
All of the input arguments must be of the same
size and shape.
Previous inputs had size 6 in dimension 1.
Input #3 has size 1

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 1 Feb 2020
Use an anonymous function instead:
fun = @(m) m.*I2;
S_dg = cellfun(fun,S_m,'uni',false);
M.Bilal on 3 Feb 2020
1 question more,
How to solve equation which consist of cell array 6x6, matrices and variables?
S_eff = S_d + (((S_d - S_m) * I6 * (S_d - S_m))/(phi*(I2*S_m*I2' - 1/k_f) - I2*(S_d - S_m)*I2'));
% Here, S_d,S_m, are 6x6 cell array while phi and 1/k_f are single values say phi=0.2, k_f=2
% I2 =[1 1 1 0 0 0]; 1x6 matrix
% I6 = I2'*I2; 6x6 matrix

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