how to Display texts which are written in Command window in GUI (i.e in a static text)

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MoHa on 3 Mar 2020
Commented: MoHa on 4 Mar 2020
Hi everybody,
i have a function in my GUI, that generated allways some Result in Command Window. I want to display all of them in a box (static or edit text) in my GUI during running the function.
i can not use set() because every two line of my code has an output. something like this doesn't help :))))))
for Example:
for i=1:10
a=char([num2str(i) ' hiiiiiii']);
sprintf('%s ',a)
set(handles.edit1,'String','other output');
hwo can i do that?
Thanks for your Help!

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Andrés Castro
Andrés Castro on 3 Mar 2020
Edited: Andrés Castro on 4 Mar 2020
Hi MoHa:
Let me see if i understood you question. Do you want to print in the GUI something that you can print in comand window?
You can try with this code:
f = figure;
v = 1:10
for i = 1: length(v)
str = num2str(v(i));
c = uicontrol ('Style','text','String',str,'Position', [100 100 100 100]);
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MoHa on 4 Mar 2020
Hi Andres,
it was an Example output of my code. there are in my callbackFunction several output, which they are written in my Command window. but they are not visible in the GUI. I want to show all my output (textes in command window) in a box or static textbox in GUI.
your code shows just one Output and the History of Outputs are not visible.
something like that:
but i couldnt use this.
thanks for your answer.

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