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how can i deal with .mat file in Matlab?

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shivan artosh
shivan artosh on 9 Mar 2020
Edited: shivan artosh on 12 May 2020


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BobH on 9 Mar 2020
See load
It will add variables from the mat file to your workspace.


BobH on 9 Mar 2020
is 'complete_mednode_dataset' a directory with images in it? Your added code will try to read image files from that path.
Or is 'complete_mednode_dataset' your .mat file? You will have to use a command like load to bring the variables into your workspace. Those variables will not be image files. They may be image data which can be written to an image file using imwrite
BobH on 10 Mar 2020
I'm still uncertain how you want to use .mat files.
It seems you have no .mat files that already exist, so I assume you want to save some of your variables into a .mat file? For example. to save the variable that is created by your call to imageDatastore, use
save( 'savedimds.mat', 'imds');
or to save several variables, keep adding their names to the end of the command, for example
save( 'savedvars.mat', 'imds', 'augmenter', 'options');
To recall from a mat file, use load.
load( 'savedimds.mat' ); % restore saved variable 'imds' from mat

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