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files under appendix of live scripts of 5G toolbox are not viewable in online matlab version

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Anand Rajgopalan
Anand Rajgopalan on 5 Apr 2020
Commented: Anand Rajgopalan on 13 Apr 2020
I see blank when I open .m files given under appendix section of example codes of 5G toolbox. below is the list where i see blank no text in editor window.
i am using online matlab under acad license.
The example "5g/NRFDDSchedulingPerformanceEvaluationExample" uses these helper functions and classes:
  • hNRRLCLogger.m: Implements RLC statistics logging and visualization functionality
please provide scripts with regards to above. till now i do not see any text(functions , variables data etc) in above files.
Matlab installed version 2019b


Jörg von Mankowski
Jörg von Mankowski on 8 Apr 2020
Do you mind sharing your solution, so that people reading your thread and suffering from the same problem are able to fix it.
Anand Rajgopalan
Anand Rajgopalan on 13 Apr 2020
under matlab drive, the example code .mlx file loads alongwith associated helper .m files after 1-5 min depending upon internet connection speed, even without upgrading from matlab 2019 to 2020 version. I tried to use desktop (offline) matlab after executing commands i.e openexample(' any .mlx file') in command window of online matlab version which directly copies all associated files under 5G folder in matlab cloud drive in my laptop.

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