How to calculate the entropy?

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How can I calculate the entropy of a sentence and selected sentence of a string. Thanks
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darova on 24 Apr 2020
Where is MATLAB?

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 24 Apr 2020
Suppose you have a string
str = 'A quick brown fox';
1. If you have image processing toolbox, then try
ent = entropy(uint8(str))
ent = ComputeEntropy(str);
3. You can also write the following code which does not require any other toolbox
p = sum(str.'==unique(str))./length(str);
ent = -sum(p.*log2(p));
Same result for all three options
ent =
Balkar Singh
Balkar Singh on 5 May 2020
yes to make it invisible

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