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Saving figures in a loop with variable file names

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Hi I'm trying to run a loop that creates plots and then saves them in a specific file. I'm having trouble saving the figures with the correct names and also populating them in a specific file. I realize what I have currently in the filename is invalid but here is what I have so far:
order = ["rr_la", "ll", "rr_sa", "cc"];
orderS = ["epi", "mid", "endo", "ave"];
for j = 1:16 % through AHA regions but not the apex
region2 = "AHA" + j;
for k = 1:4 % through order of strains
epi = S10.(region2).stat.(order(k));
mid = S10.(region2).stat.(order(k));
endo = S10.(region2).stat.(order(k));
ave = S10.(region2).stat.(order(k));
phase = 1:size(epi,1);
filename = [(Snum) '_AHAPlot' (region2) (order(k)) '.fig'];

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Apr 2020
Assuming they're all strings, try sprintf():
filename = sprintf('%s_AHAPlot%s%s.png', Snum, region2, order(k));


Saar Peles
Saar Peles on 29 Apr 2020
Seemed to work in creating the files, how do I make them populate a specific file?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Apr 2020
I don't know what that means. The line of code I gave constructs a filename string. You then need other lines of code to create the file, such as
currentFigure = gcf;
exportgraphics(currentFigure, filename); % r2020a release or later only

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