Linear PMSM Motor and Generator Model in Simulink and Simscape

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Currently modelling a reciprocating engine which is coupled to a linear PMSM motor/generator machine for my PhD.
I have downloaded the "Model File Package for Motor Control Design Public Video" simulink model to investigate the motoring characteristics of the system.
Is it possible to convert the rotational PMSM simscape plant block for a linear PMSM block representation?
There are no linear AC machines in the simscape library to use in this motor control design model.
Any ideas how i can represent a linear motor based on this existing control model?
My output from the linear machine will be linear position and force w.r.t, with a total stroke of approximately 100 mm. Which can be representated as a sinusodial position and speed input in generating mode.
Maybe can i convert the rotational constant speed input at port "W" to a sinusoidal velocity profile (such that it replicates the poistion and velocity profile of a linear machine)?
Any help would be great.
Mohammed Hassan Abedin
Mohammed Hassan Abedin on 24 Jun 2021
Hi PB75,
I wanted to ask if you found a way to convert the PMLSM into generator mode and how to go about that? I can’t seem to find a way.
Thanks Hassan

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PB75 on 25 Jun 2021
Hi Hassan,
The PMLSM simscape code permits is bi-directional operation, so you can motor the machine by applying a voltage to the phases or generate by applying a force to the translator (rotor).
Have added a screen grab of how the model would look once a force is applied to the translator during generating (BEMF model), note the phases are open circuit, you can apply your electrical load to the phases.
Hope that helps.
PB75 on 29 Nov 2021
Hi Joris,
You can implement a Field Orientated Control (FOC) strategy to control the power output, a good place to start is with how to implement FOC velocity control during motoring, then apply this control structure during power generation, using power as you control objective.
The literature has good examples of wind turbine control, will give you a starting point of how to regulate the power and velocity of a PMSM, then apply that to the translational machine.
Hope that gets you started.

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